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Essays Tagged: Relationships

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Absolute and Total Power Exchange by midnight
Filed in: relationships, d/s, tpe

This term is used to describe an absolute master/slave relationship, that is to say a relationship where the slave has irrevocably given over complete control of her person and life to her master, so [...]

D/s VS Romance in Marriage by D.V. Leigh
Filed in: relationships, d/s, love

To me there is no conflict between Romance and D/s (Domination/submission) in a marriage. At least there shouldn't be any conflict. In the examples that I am going to give in this article I hope that [...]

On Love and D/s by Lord HamiltonZ
Filed in: relationships, d/s, love

There seems to be a feeling by some, that "love" lessens Dominance. That tenderness equates somehow with a lessened sense of "Mastery". Rubbish. Dominance and submission are emotio[...]

Polyamoury 101 by Cherie L. Ve Ard and Franklin Veaux
Filed in: relationships, polyamory

Closed Marriage n : Marriages where there is no emotional intimacy or sexuality outside the marriage. Closed Group Marriage n : A group of individuals who describe themselves as married but may or ma[...]

Choosing A Master/Mistress by TorqueDom
Filed in: relationships, dominance, dating

All too often, a sub will go with a Master or Mistress after little more than the most cursory conversation. Online and in r/l, this is a recipe for disaster, both mental and physical. * Communicatio[...]

Attracting and Keeping a Partner by Bluedeacon
Filed in: relationships, dating

This is kind of an odd thing, I'm not really people savvy - but then again if I can find people and keep one for as long as I have, anyone should be able to. For the record though, I think she should [...]

Emotional Safety by Bluedeacon
Filed in: relationships, health and safety

One of the elements of a good relationship that many people either overlook or are unaware of, is emotional safety, what it entails, and how to create it. My hope here is to explore first what it is w[...]

The Process Of Selection by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, dominance, d/s, dating

There is a general nostalgic and romantic conception amongst Masters and slaves. It is the conception of Masters going to a slave market, and select a slave, or bid for a slave on au[...]

Consent With Awareness by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

I am really not sure what the motivation behind concealing the truth and realities of consensual slavery is, as can be seen so often in other groups professed to APE/TPE lifestyle, o[...]

Defining Absolute and Total Power Exchange by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

As there are many different opinions and perceptions, and the subject as to what actually defines Absolute and Total Power Exchange or Absolute Slavery, comes up frequently, I will t[...]

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