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Essays Tagged: Love

D/s VS Romance in Marriage by D.V. Leigh
Filed in: relationships, d/s, love

To me there is no conflict between Romance and D/s (Domination/submission) in a marriage. At least there shouldn't be any conflict. In the examples that I am going to give in this article I hope that [...]

On Love and D/s by Lord HamiltonZ
Filed in: relationships, d/s, love

There seems to be a feeling by some, that "love" lessens Dominance. That tenderness equates somehow with a lessened sense of "Mastery". Rubbish. Dominance and submission are emotio[...]

I am a Submissive Woman by Pure Devl
Filed in: submission, love, beauty, happiness, common sense

I am a submissive woman look through my eyes and see who I really am. I am strong, independent, bright,witty, beautiful and a lot like you. Can you see it? Do you understand it? Come with me and ill [...]

A submissive woman is actually a treasured jewel by Freya
Filed in: submission, love, experience

Although I do work outside of the home I still believe in the logic above. I work because Master insists I do. Not for the money, although it does help as raising children is not cheap, but for what h[...]

Frugal Romance 101 by Unknown
Filed in: relationships, love, romance, tips, suggestions, frugal romance

Holidays and special anniversaries are wonderful reminders for romance. However, they are also the most predictable. A small but meaningful gesture on an "ordinary day" often has more impact[...]