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Essays Tagged: Dating

Choosing A Master/Mistress by TorqueDom
Filed in: relationships, dominance, dating

All too often, a sub will go with a Master or Mistress after little more than the most cursory conversation. Online and in r/l, this is a recipe for disaster, both mental and physical. * Communicatio[...]

Attracting and Keeping a Partner by Bluedeacon
Filed in: relationships, dating

This is kind of an odd thing, I'm not really people savvy - but then again if I can find people and keep one for as long as I have, anyone should be able to. For the record though, I think she should [...]

Dating in the Lifestyle by luna[KM]
Filed in: d/s, dating

It’s so hard to find someone in the Lifestyle that I’m compatible with. You are so lucky to have found someone. I don’t know how many times I hear this on a daily basis when convers[...]

The Process Of Selection by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, dominance, d/s, dating

There is a general nostalgic and romantic conception amongst Masters and slaves. It is the conception of Masters going to a slave market, and select a slave, or bid for a slave on au[...]

Offline/Online BDSM Safety Rules by Screamer
Filed in: health and safety, online, dating

Safety 101 Class #1 - Online D/s - AOL or IRC Even in our little online world, there is danger. For all new Doms and subs alike, here are a few [...]

Finding a Dominant Woman by Author Unknown
Filed in: relationships, d/s, dating

Many newcomers are anxious to meet and get close to a FemDom (aka female dominant). Quite a number make common mistakes. One grammatical mistake quickly comes to mind: using the word "dominate&qu[...]