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Consent With Awareness

Author: Master Eso

Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

I am really not sure what the motivation behind concealing the truth and realities of consensual slavery is, as can be seen so often in other groups professed to APE/TPE lifestyle, or in the mainstream BDSM community in general. Maybe some might think one can catch more flies with honey.

Masters however, need slaves who enter an APE/TPE with awareness, not flies.

I'm afraid much more damage is done to the newcomers and aspiring slaves, by romanticizing, beautification and modification of the reality of the APE/TPE lifestyle.

This is not a membership drive and we are not recruiters. Well, at least I'm not.

I truly believe it is imperative that aspiring slaves are confronted with the truth, and nothing but the truth. An aspiring slave must know and understand the realities of APE/TPE slavery, its dynamics, structures and what is expected of them. And that without romanticizing and beautification and preferable before they accept a Masters collar and enter into a APE/TPE.

A slave has no rights nor does she have the luxury of saying no to Master. She has no limits of her own and will accept and adopt her Masters boundaries. A slave might be broken, and if necessary completely, humiliated, degraded and mold and rebuilt, to her Masters wants, needs and specifications, and yes, a Master will do as he sees fit. A slave has no more control, her time and her body is no longer hers. She lives and exists only to serve and please her Master. A slave will serve, obey and submit, or face punishment, some more then others. A slave might be beaten, caged or gagged and many other things she never dreamed of. Once she consented and accepted her Masters collar, she is no longer free. She is her Masters slave and property.

Slavery is not all about the slave. It is in fact, all about the Master. APE/TPE is not Vanilla Kink, it is not Dom/sub BDSM role play. APE/TPE is consensual slavery. Absolute and unconditional.

I truly believe if aspiring slaves are properly educated, informed and prepared, confronted with the realities beforehand, without holding anything back, there would be a lot fewer “slaves” running and crying "abuse".

And that is exactly why I am dedicated to let the newcomers and aspiring slaves know up front what the realities of APE/TPE really are. And that is also why I do not sit idly by, when “Vanilla Thinking”, misconceptions or misleading distortions and statements creep up.

Modern day consensual slavery is quite possible both, “real” consensual slavery, and an old-fashioned or ancient form of marriage, as in ancient times the dynamics of marriage were more then similar to our modern day consensual slavery.

As marriage, consensual slavery is vowed and committed by word of honor. Even that marriage has always been vowed before “God” does not change the fact, that it rest entirely on the consenting parties, honor, integrity, respect and most of all their sense of loyalty.

What has however changed is the laws of mostly the western society, which turned “vanilla” in regards of marriage.

In ancient times, marriage vows were enforceable by the husband (Master) in accordance with the laws of the respective society. Nowadays, divorce or separation is enforceable by the wife (slave) in accordance of our now “vanilla” society.

However, the meaning of commitment through ones word of honor is unchanged.

This is the reason that a slave cannot release herself from her Masters collar without her Masters explicit consent and approval. When a slave consented to be her Masters slave, she gave up that right, and must now be held by her word (vows) of honor.

Even today there remain many societies in which divorce is not legally possible, and even in some societies where divorce is legally possible, the wife will remain a “chained woman”, unless released by her husband.

Although the commitment to consensual slavery cannot be enforced by the laws of our society, the commitment and vows, are or should be just as much binding, by word of honor.

Consent with awareness saves all of us much time, effort and hurt feelings. APE/TPE simply is not for everyone, and only an informed slave can consent with awareness.

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.

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