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Essays Tagged: Sm

Some Facts about SM by Author Unknown
Filed in: general knowledge, sm

S/M is not an aberration. S/M is a sexual orientation that is found in a significant percentage of the population. Surveys have listed S/M behavior by as much as 7 to 14 % of the population, with inte[...]

The PLEASURE of the PAIN Why Some People Need S & M - sadomasochistic sex by Marianne Apostolides, Psychology Today, Sept, 1999
Filed in: general knowledge, sm, sadomasochism

Bind my ankles with your white cotton rope so I cannot walk. Bind my wrists so I cannot push you away. Place me on the bed and wrap your rope tighter around my skin so it grips my flesh. Now I know th[...]

An Interesting View of Sadomachism by Donald L Miesen
Filed in: humor, sm, sadomasochism

SM: The Erotic Game SM: The Erotic Minority SM: The Erotic Controversy SM is watching the neighborhood kids play cops and robbers, and the look on the face of the one that has maneuvered herself int[...]

Basics Of Safe, Sane And Consensual Power Exchange by Molly Devon
Filed in: ssc, d/s, sm

1. TRUST AND COMMUNICATION ARE THE KEYS TO MAKING SM OR D/S WORK. People make errors, most often out of ignorance. Trust depends on honest communication. Incomplete negotiation is an error, but dis[...]

Emergency Training for SM Practioners by Jay Wiseman
Filed in: health and safety, training, sm

A young woman is being hoisted in suspension bondage when the winch handle slips from her Master's hand and she plummets back to the floor. A man strains at the cuffs holding his hands above his head [...]

Defining the BDSM Lifestyle: The Essential Prerequisite by Polly Peachum and Jon Jacobs
Filed in: dominance, submission, lifestyle, sm, definitions, bdsm, essentials

The following talks were given by Jon and Polly to a diverse audience on the IRC channel #surrender_discuss on October 8, 1996. Polly and Jon were asked to speak on the subject "Defining the BDSM[...]

Defining the BDSM Lifestyle: The Essential Prerequisite, part 2 by Polly Peachum and Jon Jacobs
Filed in: dominance, submission, lifestyle, sm, definitions, bdsm, essentials

Jon's Speech Hi, there! Polly has said the bulk of what we want to talk about tonight, but I do have a bit to add. I want to talk some about t[...]