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Essays Tagged: Leather

Just Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: Telling Your Family by Norische
Filed in: leather, lifestyle, outting

“So what are you, some kind of Satanist, or what?” This was one of the first things my sister said when she walked into my house. It had been almost a year since I had seen my sister, she[...]

Leathercare and Bootblacking by Sergeant Major
Filed in: leather, cleaning

Leather in all its various forms from garments to boots to accessories is the most obvious symbol of the lifestyle. Expensive to acquire, with proper maintenance and care it will outlast its owner&rsq[...]

Our Absolute Lifestyle by Master Eso
Filed in: leather, lifestyle, scene

When I came out in the BDSM scene some 6 years ago, after practicing my lifestyle in the privacy of my own home for some 23 years, I did so under the naïve assumption that the B[...]

Coming out of the Closet by dark whisper
Filed in: leather, lifestyle, outting, family

I recently found myself in the unique position of having to try to "explain" dominance and submission. One afternoon, out of the blue, I wrote to my sister and told her not only that I was a[...]