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Essays Tagged: Contracts

It's All In Black and White: Contracts I by Norische
Filed in: contracts

What is a BDSM contract? The definition of a BDSM contract is fundamentally a consensual agreement between two or more individuals within a BDSM relationship. A contract defines the roles, rights, an[...]

But We Have A Contract And Everything by Norische
Filed in: slavery, contracts, legal

"Legal Slavery" is it a reality or is it a fantasy. Not long ago I had a young man offer to become my "legal" slave; stating that there are ways, even in today's modern society, th[...]

Slave Petitions by Master Eso
Filed in: slavery, contracts

In my article “The Process Of Selection”, I have already proposed the similarities between finding or petitioning a Master, and finding or applying for job employment. In[...]

Sample Consensual Contract by Author Unknown
Filed in: dominance, submission, contracts

This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two individuals, hereafter termed the slave and the mas[...]

Developing sub/slave Training Programs Part 3: Using Contracts by SAADE
Filed in: submission, training, contracts

We present the following true story for your education. It is important to know that the contracts we enter into are not legally binding and will most likely be dismissed by law enforcement and court[...]