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Developing sub/slave Training Programs Part 3: Using Contracts

Author: SAADE

Filed in: submission, training, contracts

We present the following true story for your education. It is important to know that the contracts we enter into are not legally binding and will most likely be dismissed by law enforcement and courts.

Pair Arrested For Sex Slave Contract - Police File Prostitution Charges
Updated: 5:37 p.m. EST February 23, 2002

PIKEVILLE, Ky. -- A man and woman who signed a document characterized as a "sex-slave contract" were arrested by Pikeville police Thursday on misdemeanor charges of prostitution and criminal solicitation. Ike "Sly"
England, 31, of Belfry and Amanda Pinion, 22, of Harold claim a notarized five-page document was an Internet form they filled out for fun and filed by mistake at the courthouse. But Pike County Attorney Howard Keith Hall
and Pikeville's police department shrugged off the explanations and issued arrest warrants yesterday. Pinion was charged with prostitution and England with criminal solicitation. Both warrants, Class B misdemeanors,
were based on the contents of the contract. Assistant County Attorney Roger Varney said that the slave contract itself is void because slavery is illegal. Pikeville detective Bruce Anderson said that England was released
from the Pike County Detention Center on $5,000 bond Thursday morning. Pinion was unable to make the same bond. The contract offers rights to both parties, but most to the master. Hall said it called for Pinion "to use her body for free or for money."

So Why Use a Contract?

Three reasons.

1) A formal contract can be used to establish a deeper level of trust between a Dominant and submissive.

I use it to clearly spell out expectations and to show that I clearly understand and recognize any hard limits or boundaries that have been established during the assessment phase.

At this level it is a scared document or acknowledgement between two people, each giving their word, one to another. Law and legal ramifications have nothing to do with it. It is a sacred trust.

For me, a big part of Dominance is self-control and honor. In my opinion, if you can?t control yourself and honor your word, you?re not truly a dominant personality. Honor your word. Never cross a boundary or limit stated in a your contract.

The fact that you keep your word strengthens your position and trust in the overall relationship. This, in itself opens avenues for deeper play and exploration.

2) I use training contracts to establish time limits.

If you are training for the sake of training or working with someone for their sake, set a time limit. It's often a good idea to set a time limit if you are hopeful, but still a little unsure, that a relationship has potential.

3) Use the contract to establish that this relationship is, in fact, a consensual relationship.

A contract proves that communication and thought was going on during the arrangement. At this level it may not be binding but it does show that the relationship was entered into by mutual agreement. An attorney may be able to use this document to your advantage should a breakup lead to legal problems.

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