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Essays Tagged: Collars

Ceremony From The Heart: The Collaring Ceremony by Norische
Filed in: collars, ceremony

There comes a time in the life of all, that they feel incomplete, that there is something missing in their lives. Then someone comes into their world and fills the void, someone that has felt the same[...]

Dog Collars are So 90's by Norische
Filed in: collars

There are several different types of collars within the BDSM community, each one with a unique set of requirements, expectations, and rituals. Within the European Council and the Oriental Society ther[...]

A Collar and Its Many Meanings by Unknown
Filed in: collars, protocol

A collar in BDSM symbolizes a commitment that has often been compared to a wedding ring. This type of commitment comes in other forms, such as a brand, a tattoo, a piercing[...]

Ceremony of Submission by Ds Kiosk
Filed in: collars, ceremony

To be conducted privately after dark, with prior knowledge and consent of both participating parties. Participants: Buyer (later becomes the Master) Girl (later becomes the Slave) To the Girl: Thi[...]

The Taking Ceremony by
Filed in: collars, ceremony

Master: We are here to be joined as Master and slave and to take or vows as such. woman, come before me in silence, make yourself naked and assume the position of rest. The woman removes ALL of her [...]