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Essays Tagged: Wax play

Waxing/Candlemaking 101 by SadistOz
Filed in: wax play

Many of us have found that having a lit candle around the house is an enjoyable and calming aspect of decoration. Sometimes I have multiple candles lit around because the glow of the candles is very t[...]

Candlelight Moments: Basics of Wax Play by Norische
Filed in: how-to, wax play

For many wax play is one of the first experiences within the BDSM realm, this is also the reason that so many people end up getting accidentally hurt. All too often someone is watching a pornographic [...]

Hot Wax by Lady Gwyneth Rose
Filed in: how-to, wax play

Ahhh, hot candlewax... hot wax... even the sibilant sound as it rolls off the tongue is deliciously decadent... hot waxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsssssssssssss... much as the sound of the droplets hitting the f[...]