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Essays Tagged: Masochism

Hurt So Good: The Joys of Being A Masochist by Norische
Filed in: masochism

The cold metal of the cuffs bite into her wrists, her eyelids grow heavy as she stands waiting, barely breathing…. anticipating the next blow. Her tongue darts from her mouth to taste the tear [...]

Accumulated Notes About Endorphins by none
Filed in: endorphins, masochism, subspace, play

From Role of endorphins discovered -- 1975 In the 1960s, neurochemist Choh Hao Li at the University of California in San[...]

Need, Of A Masochist by Tonja
Filed in: submission, masochism, desire, needs, need, acceptance

This is a concept I have, only really in the 2 years, been trying to define and understand as it applies to me individually.As a masochist, newer than some, and perhaps much more inexperienced than mo[...]