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Speech Training 10: Answering The Phone

Author: Norische

Filed in: training, speech

Again this is an area that is Owner specific. Each Owner has a specific way they wish the phone to be answered and whether or not they wish the slave to answer the phone at all.

If the slave is to answer the phone then he or she must be prepared to do so, always keep a phone message pad and working pen available at every phone.

The slave should first check the caller id (if applicable) to see who is calling. If the number is unfamiliar the Owner may prefer that the answering machine take the message or that the phone is left unanswered. If the number is one that is recognized but not approved for answer the slave should note the number and name of the individual and the time of the call and inform the Owner of the call at the appropriate time. If the individual has been approved then the slave should answer the call as quickly as possible, never letting the phone ring more than 3 times if possible.

The slave should have a standard greeting that has been approved by the Owner. For example…

"Fredrick's residence…"
"Mr. Fredrick's residence…"

these are both a greeting and an announcement, so they both work quite well. However if the Owner does not wish to disclose the name of the residence then a simple "Hello?" will work.

After a greeting the slave should attempt to verify whom is calling, and the nature of the call…without being nosey that is. For example….

"Fredrick's residence…"
"Hi there, this is Keith is John or Shane there?
"I do apologize Sir, they are unavailable at this time. I would be happy to convey a message for them if you wish."
"Yeah, ah… tell John that I still need to pick up the wench for the truck and I would appreciate some help from him on getting it loaded onto the truck."
"Very good Sir, and do you have a contact phone number you wish me to note?"
"That's ok, he has the number, I will be at the shop until around 6:00 tonight so have him call be before then."
"I will give him this message as soon as possible Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?"
"Very well Sir, Thank you."
The slave can then disconnect the call knowing that he or she has all the pertinent information necessary to provide to their Owner.

The slave should not be nosey or selective as to the message or the caller. They should always sound pleasant and helpful. A slave should always remember that he or she represents their Owner, even over the phone to a bill collector.

If it is an unwanted caller like a solicitor, the slave should state something along these lines.

"Franklin's residence.
"Hi there, this is John from Mediacom and we wish to offer you a wonderful new program for high speed cable internet, high definition cable, and unlimited long distance service on one bill, at a remarkably reduced rate."
"I do apologize Sir, but this phone number is listed not to receive solicitations. If I may, may I have your name and a contact phone number for your agency."
"Ah, If you would allow me to tell you a little about our program…
"I do not wish to interrupt Sir, however I did just state that we are not to receive such solicitations. Hence I need your name, and contact information so that I may report this solicitation, if you refuse to give me that information then I shall simply note John from Mediacom."
"Sir, I do not wish to continue this conversation further, I request that you remove this number from your solicitations and notify your superior that I will be reporting your agency as well as yourself. Thank you very much for your call. I am disconnecting this call at this time."

The slave can then disconnect the call and have no worries of ill manners. Unfortunately, most solicitors are not so polite or so patient.

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