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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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The Penitant

Author: Tiggie Rose

Filed in: rhyme, punishment, waiting, attention

The sunlight peeps through the window's blinds.
From the corner I watch it, much on my mind.
At a sharp word from him, I turn back around,
my face towards the wall, my knees on the ground.

I thought about what had sealed my fate;
something should have been done; and now was too late.
I’d told him, “It’s only the sixth time that I’ve forgotten.”
I don’t recall if it was a smirk or a frown that I’d gotten.

So, I was sent to the corner for ten minutes today!
I didn’t try to argue; you might say I happily obeyed.
Would the time go by fast or would it feel like hours?
He told me to stay there while he took a shower.

A nod of my head said I’d heard him clearly.
And no, don't doubt that I’d meant it sincerely!
Yes, I’d every intention of doing my time.
I’d been hoping for this when planning my crime.

I sighed as I heard the water begin running.
I groaned as my stomach started its rumbling.
And, I knew it would raise eyebrows if people could see
the impression the carpet was making upon my knees.

My nose started to itch; I tried not to yawn.
I grew very bored as time droned on.
So, folding my hands directly in front of me,
I twiddled my thumbs, quite discreetly.

Good grief! That man can take long showers.
He's surely been in there for hours and hours!
A thought filled my head, deliciously naughty
why don’t I leave the corner; he'll never see!

I grinned at my sudden received inspiration.
And thought I'd comply without hesitation
I began to rise, my spirits were hoping,
then, dropped back down as the door opened.

My hopes then sank; what had I been thinking?
If he had seen, he might have given me a spanking!
“Darn it!” I grumbled, having momentarily forgotten
how much I liked kneeling on a nice, reddened bottom!

"You now have five more minutes," I heard him say.
Personally, I like how we get to spend our Saturdays!
It’s a lot more fun than other things I could do.
Like drag him to the mall for a tenth pair of shoes.

But, I’d grown very tired of staring at the floor,
So, I attempted to let my eyes stray once more.
I then screamed loudly, for right there on the wall,
was an eight-legged creature; I was appalled!

I leapt to my feet and jumped onto the bed.
My eyes were widened and filled with much dread.
Several choice curses escaped from my lips.
Sir walked over to me, his hands on his hips.

"Hey, did I tell you to come out?"
He scolded at me; I started to pout.
I pointed over to the ghastly thing
Facing this fear was worse than pain!

He turned to the place where I’d directed His gaze
and, said with a laugh, “It’s just a granddaddy-long-leg!"
To my amazement and horror, he reached out his hand
It crawled up onto his arm; how much more could I stand?

"Oh, Honey, come on! It isn’t going to do any harm,"
He held it out to me; but I couldn't see its charm.
My tummy felt sickly; I began to shudder.
"Please, take it away," was all I could mutter.

He walked out of the room and into the kitchen.
I knew it was gone; all I could think was good riddance!
I collapsed onto the bed to await his return.
That surely was more than my misdeed had earned!

He shook me gently as he said my name.
I glanced up in annoyance, for he was to blame.
Taking the blind-fold he held in his hands,
He placed it over my eyes, and then helped me stand.

While leading me back to the corner again,
he swatted me once on my rear end.
A grin formed upon my lips as I sank to the floor.
Kneeling into the position I’d been in before.
"Wait, why the blind-fold?" I asked; my tone a trace bitter.
"So your eyes won't stray and see scary critters,"
We both laughed and he said, “Finish your minutes."
But, by now, you know they weren’t given for penance.

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