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Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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A Glimpse

Author: Asher

Filed in: flash fiction, short short

While my master reads a book and takes slow drinks of tea I rest at his feet pressing my body against his leg. This is where I belong, and these moments are some of my favorite of the day. He lifts his hand, a silent invitation to rest my head on his lap, and I shiver with pleasure as he begins to stroke my hair. I have long, dark hair that falls down my back in a soft wave. Some nights if I have been an especially good girl my master will sit and brush it for me before bed. But I don’t think of that right now. My thoughts are on his fingers, and the warmth of him where my body touches his.  I am relaxed and content but always attuned to the slightest shift in my master’s posture. Failure to read a cue will result in immediate punishment. Although it was quite awhile ago my memory of the last one is still clear. For hours afterwards I could barely stand without whimpering, but the pain in itself was easier for me to handle than the second part of my lesson. I wasn’t allowed to talk at all for two days. The first night I broke down and begged with my eyes, my hands, and finally with words that he change his mind about my punishment. That night I slept with a gag. When master says not to speak he means it. But he isn’t unduly harsh with me, I was still allowed to curl up next to him and be held and petted to sleep. The next day instead of thinking in words I started thinking in postures, in nuances of body language. By the time my lesson was over I knew I’d never miss a cue again. No matter how subtle. I thanked master in every way I could think of for giving me a new way to understand and please him. As my mind wanders my master stops stroking and I straighten up and kneel beside him. I look up into his eyes and he smiles down at me. “Off to bed now, pet. I think you deserve a reward tonight too, since you’ve been such a good girl lately.” I blush at the praise and positively glow with anticipation. While I stand up to follow my master and turn out the lights I can’t help but start wondering how I will be rewarded…

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