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A Fantasy of Mine

Author: Greg's little one

Filed in: sex, fantasy, dreams, oral sex, outdoors

i have always been somewhat of an outdoors kind of person. i enjoy nature and the beauty of it. The smells, the mass amount of colors, and the beautiful songs nature plays for us. It has always been a dream of mine, and i'm sure many others to, to own a cabin in the woods away from everything.  Somewhere near by i would love a lake with a huge waterfall.  i have always known there would be a man in the picture somewhere, but have not been able to find the right One. Until now.So i am writing this fantasy now and He is the man in it.

Where we live is beautiful and sunny during the days and cold at night. So most often W/we have a fire built which only adds to the spark of what is between us.There is a trust and love there that can't be touched by anyone or or anything. A bond that was created from the beginning. One that with just a look W/we know what the other wants. Unspoken, unconditional love. i never have any douts in Him  or any thoughts of betrayal or abandonment because He has made me secure. i am comforted just by His presence and would be content to just be by His side daily.

One night i was very sleepy and asked Him if i could go to bed early. Of course He said yes. To Him rest is important. i quickly showered and got ready for bed. ( Which didnt take long seeing as How He prefers me to sleep nakid in case He decides He wants to use me.) i generally fall asleep on my stomach because it is most comfortable to me and i love to be woken with a firm hand between my warm wetness.  i was sound asleep on this night in O/our four post bed which isn't far from the fire place, when i woke to the feeling of Your soft lips on my calf and the sound of my favorite song for sex on the cd player.  You gently spread my legs so i am wide open to You yet still face down.Your lips and tongue leaving hot trails up my legs. You sit up as i lift my ass to match the hand that is now between my legs. Your fingers starting at my clit and sliding into my yearning wet pussy. In and out again deeper and deeper You tease me. Making me moan for You. Making me say "Please, oh please Master." You smack my ass playfully knowing how much i enjoy this at times.You smile and give a deep laugh that just makes me even wetter. You tease my clit and slid Your fingers in me all in one motion bringing me closer and closer to bliss. As You are cupping me You work the wetness to my ass and begin teasing the edge of me making my hips rock and grind against Your hand and the bed. You bend down and bite me playfully. Not hard, just enough to arouse me. You hear me say something and tell me to speak up. i lift my head and raise up on my elbows and ask to suck You. " Not yet," You respond and continue in Your play. You begin kissing my back working Your way gently to my neck then to my ear lobe. You whisper," Tonight W/we are making love My little one." i turn in your arms just as You kiss me tenderly on my mouth, darting Your tongue in and back out again. Much in the way You do my pussy that drives me absolutly crazy. You move to my breast and begin nibbling my nipples making my back arch to meet you. Working Your way down my stomach You begin to focus on my hard clit. Spreading my lips You pull me softly in between Your teeth while sliding Your fingers into me teasing my g spot. Grinding my hips against Your face You can tell i am ready to release and instead of making me wait as You normally would You surprised me by letting me cum. A body shaking orgasn i exploded everywhere. Moaning and screaming, " Master, oh, oh God," over and over. As my body started to subside You moved up between my legs and i could feel your hardness against my mound as You were grinding against me and kissing me. Letting me clean Your lips with my mouth, tasting myself. You begin to roll sideways some allowing me movement and i twisted out from under You while still kissing You passionatly. Now on your back i worked my way down to Your erection grasping it in my hands and working it in an up and down motion. Sticking out my tongue i touch it to the tip tasting Your flavor on my tongue. Slowly pulling the head into my mouth as you take a deep indrawn breath, continuos in the up and down motion. My mouth now in sync with my hand moving slow at first and then faster as You stiffen more and more. i release my grasp and am only using my mouth. i stop at the base and pull one of Your nuts into my mouth gently caressing it with my warm tongue. Alternating them both as i begin to pump you again. Your hand in my hair begins to tighten, a sure sign You are close. i trace my tongue up the underside of Your cock and pull You back down my throat to the base as you get closer and closer to exploding for me. Knowing how much i love the taste of You. i begin to turn my ass more towards You so You can play with me if You desire. Something You do often as i make love to Your cock with my mouth.(on occasion slapping my ass if You want me to speed up) Not so much for my pleasure, but Yours. As You begin to touch me and arouse me once again i suck on You harder and faster than before, making it impossible for You to hold back. As you begin to cum i move my hair so you can see me take every inch of You and not waste a single drop. Your body shaking as mine just had You lay there. i lean up and kiss You hungrily on the mouth as You wrap Your arms around me and pull me close to You. You know i love when You hold me as i sleep. i always sleep much better. You whisper softly in my ear, " Don't go to sleep yet love, the night has just begun."  With that You tell me to get up and slip on  a robe and slippers because W/we are going for a walk. As always, i do as you ask. W/we begin to walk down the path that leads to the water and waterfalls. Instead of going the way W/we normally do You walk off the path a little and up a steeper embankment. Its not long before W/we come to an opening that leads to a cave behind this beautiful waterfall. To my surprise You have a huge blanket laid out with candles set up all over the cave. Lighting it up with a warm glow. While it was still chilly, the flames from the candles took the bite out of the air. This with the combination of looking thru this beautiful stream of water out onto our lake, lit by a full a moon, brought tears to my eyes. You made one of my fantasies come true that night and it was hard for me not to cry from happiness and that feeling of real love.You brush away my tears as You whisper shhhh and kiss my soft trembling lips. My robe fell to the ground as You lowered me on the blanket, my nipples get instantly hard with the coolness in the air and the emotions you bring in me. Without hesitation You slid into me making me gasp at the sudden fullness in me. Our bodies in constant unison with each other. Kissing, nibbling, sometimes biting at each other W/we build each other up once again. Our bodies slamming into one another meeting thrust for thrust, i felt it coming as You hardend to a stiffness i never felt before. " i'm gonna cum love, i can't hold it back." Pressing your lips against mine You say," Now baby, cum with me now." And our bodies explode together , shaking and moaning, theres a heat in the bottom of my stomach that i cant explain. The sound of our love echoing in this cave, our bodies calming, our breathing getting even again, W/we kiss. W/we laid on the blanket with the candles dimming and fell asleep in each others arms. Satisfied and spent. (Of course when W/we woke W/we went for a swim in the nude and then i made You breakfast.)

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