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Anal Advice

Author: angel

Filed in: anal sex, tips, advice, sex advice, anal

Here are some tips to make anal play and anal sex more enjoyable for you.

Step One: Enemas... Anytime i know in advance that Master is going to want to have anal sex (like when i have my period) i give myself an enema. Not only does this make me feel cleaner, it makes the tissues more pliable and makes the act less painful.

Step Two: Excitement... In order for me to enjoy anal sex i have to be very aroused. If Master doesn't feel like fooling with me i take care of it myself through fantasizing and (since i am allowed) masterbation.

Step Three: Lubricant... Finding the RIGHT lubricant is key. i winced under a ton of ky jelly for a long time until we found wet. This stuff totally rocks and turns the sex into pure pleasure for me. The point here is, keep looking until you find the lubricant that works FOR YOU.

Step Four: Maintain Arousal... Now, i enjoy anal sex, so this doesn't really apply to me, but i know there are many folks out there who don't. It is extremely important to stay aroused throughout anal sex. This makes it more enjoyable for both parties. Fantasize, stimulate yourself manually, whatever it takes. Just stay in a "this is yummy" frame of mind.

A final tip: In order to make me enjoy anal sex more, Master developed this system. For about 6 months, every single time i came he stuck something into my anus. His finger, a butt plugg, a hairbrush handle (blush). You get the point. At any rate it worked. Now, i love anal sex, and feel almost empty when i cum without being penetrated that way.

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